We are now accredited .CC and .TV domain registrar

We've become accredited by Verisign Inc. as .CC and .TV domain registrar. From now on we register these ccTLDs directly. Those who have previously registered domains in these zones with us but using our registrar partner will still have an opportunity either to prolong domain through us staying with our partner registrar or to move domain to ... Read More »

28th Jul 2020
eServer became an accredited .ID domain registrar

Great news. We've become first accredited .ID domain registrar from Slovakia.As usual we offer you a special price to this new ccTLD we offer directly, it's 14€. This special price is effective to new .ID domain registrations and transfers. Price offer is time limited. It is already possible to register .ID domain at a special price in our ... Read More »

14th Jul 2020